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Joe's Beerhouse loyalty card


Receive one Point for every N$10 spent at Joe’s Beerhouse. Each Point is worth 40c. This means that for every N$1,000 spend, you get N$40 discount to use on your next transaction.

Exclusive promotions and vouchers available to Loyalty Members when applicable.

You receive automatic entry into some Joe’s Beerhouse competitions when applicable.

How it Works

Use of the Loyalty Card implies acceptance of the terms and conditions as set out below. All information contained below forms part of these terms and conditions.

Joe’s Beerhouse reserves the right to vary, substitute and alter these terms and conditions at management’s discretion but with fair notice. These changes or any new scheme shall constitute your acceptance of the varied and or new T’s and C’s.

The Card or Points earned are not transferable and may not be claimed for cash pay-outs.

Cardholders may expect to receive notifications on events and special offers from time to time via email or SMS. Unsubscribing from these platforms always remains an option.

All registration details must be completed in full otherwise the Card can’t be issued.

Loyalty Cards are issued free of charge to approved applicants but are not available to persons under the age of 18. Joe’s Beerhouse management reservesthe right to refuse any Loyalty Card application, postpone or cancel a Card and is under no obligation to provide reasons for the decision. The decision will be final and no further discussion will be entered into.

Any misconduct by a Loyalty Cardholder, as determined by the management of Joe’s Beerhouse may have their Loyalty Card revoked at management’s discretion and all accumulated Points will be forfeited.

In the case where the Card is cancelled by either party, the Points that may have been accumulated will be immediately revoked. Should the Cardholder wish to cancel his membership this needs to be done in writing and submitted to the management of Joe’s Beerhouse.

Lost or stolen Cards must be reported to the administration office immediately for deactivation. Should there be any discrepancy on the balance of Points upon issuing the new Card, Joe’s Beerhouse accepts no responsibility. Any Cards that need to be replaced will incur a fee of N$50.00.

The Cardholder must present the Loyalty Card at the time of purchase to qualify for any Points.1 Point will be earned for every N$10 spent.1 Point equals 40 cents which translates into a 4% discount of the total purchase.

  • The Loyalty Card may NOT accumulate Points in conjunction with the following: *any other offers or products on a special promotion; *special events; *any other rebate arrangements.

  • Only the person settling a bill is entitled to earn Points.

  • If more than one guest of a group is a Member of our Loyalty Program only the person paying for a bill is permitted to earn Points.

  • Collecting cash receipts from fellow guests to earn more Points is strictly prohibited.

  • If a Cardholder joins a group that he was not invited to from the outset, collecting of Points is also prohibited.

  • Tour Guides may only use one option: (a) Either claim a free meal according to Company Policy; OR (b) use the Loyalty Card to earn Points. Using both options simultaneously is strictly prohibited.

  • If the guests of a tour group are paying their bill separately the tour guide has no right to earn Points on their bills. He/she is only entitled to his/her free meal as per Company Policy.

  • Accumulation and redemption may not be simultaneously processed on the same invoice.

Points accumulated on a specific bill will only be redeemable upon the next transaction.

The Cardholder must present the Loyalty Card at the time of redemption. Points can’t be transferred between different Cardholders nor are they payable in cash.

All Points must be redeemed by the end of every January and July of each year after which all accumulated Points will expire, therefore Points will not be rolled over to the next period. Notifications to this effect will be sent out well in advance.

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