Our Story

It all started as a discovery of a new world—German-born Joachim Gross, or Joe as he was known amongst friends, was a master chef who’d worked and travelled around the world. In 1986 he arrived in Namibia and upon his arrival, this nomad finally felt at home. A passion for travel, stories and food fused together when Joe’s Beerhouse opened its doors in October 1991. Joe’s started as a quaint little beer garden, but soon, due to its popularity and maybe also because Joe ran out of space to put all his treasures from the road, the restaurant moved to its current location at 160 Nelson Mandela Avenue.

The Story of Joe

If you’ve never been to Joe’s Beerhouse, “treasures from the road” might be a vague concept—but, from the very beginning, Joe decorated his Beerhouse with stories. As he travelled through the country, he collected items, items with history and character and every one of these items found a home in the Beerhouse. There’s the intertwined kudu horns, the mini on the roof, Joe’s Twak Truck, the largest ox horns you’ll (probably) ever see, enough Jägermeister bottles to hold a lake (this is yet to be proven), old rusty milk pails, petrol pumps, toilet seats as bar stools, lanterns, bottle caps, rusty anchors… we could go on, but you have to see it for yourself.

Joes Details toilet
wine bottle in old saurkraut bucket

Where We Are Today

Joe has since retired and the new owners, Thomas and Carol-Jean Rechter stepped in in 2012 and elevated Joe’s to the wonderfully, slightly crazy place it is today. The Rechters have been in the restaurant industry for over three decades. Thomas Rechter is a Hamburg-trained chef—making him the architect behind Joe’s Beerhouse’s current legendary menu, while Carol-Jean ensures the business-side is taken care of.

Joe's Beerhouse

Why we have the best gees

  • Great place with lots of history. Fantastic atmosphere! The food was divine!

    Heidi van Zyl Avatar Heidi van Zyl
    20 December 2023
  • The most interesting place I have been in a long time. I really enjoyed walking around and looking at all the different restaurants, bars and the decorations. The food was... read more

    Liezel Cromhout Avatar Liezel Cromhout
    19 December 2023
  • Great atmosphere. The decor was fun. Food was good. We had a very good server, as well.

    Allen Fisher Avatar Allen Fisher
    19 December 2023
  • Very Relaxing and enjoyable Place.

    Eunice Carew Avatar Eunice Carew
    18 December 2023
  • Einfach top!

    Karin Balanga Avatar Karin Balanga
    18 December 2023
  • Leuke inrichting, eten viel tegen. Porties zijn groot maar smaak viel tegen. We hadden o.a. de zebrasteak, medium. Hier was niets medium meer aan. Ook de cappucino was niet lekker,... read more

    Saskia Driessen Avatar Saskia Driessen
    15 December 2023
  • Open fresh spaciousness makes it worthwhile spending time at Joe's.

    Johan Desconde Avatar Johan Desconde
    14 December 2023
  • 2018 október, az első látogatás! Ez egy méltán híres étterem és söröző. Azt mondják aki Namíbiába érkezik, annak feltétlenül el kell ide jönnie. Csodás kaja, jéghideg csapolt sörök, élőzene. Nagyon... read more

    szasz hunter Avatar szasz hunter
    13 December 2023
  • Sehr leckeres , hochwertiges Essen und sehr gemütliches Ambiente!

    Katharina Follmann Avatar Katharina Follmann
    13 December 2023
  • Could not fault this place in any area on our visit, awesome eatery food, quirky atmosphere and service from a very nice server who was articulate and happy to help... read more

    B Ritchie Avatar B Ritchie
    13 December 2023
kudu antelope with tiny birds back
beer glass

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